Single Line & Barrique Line – 10ml TPD Ready

(Extra Dry 4Pod category – highest coil duration)

The Extra Dry Line in shot version has been, and still is, a benchmark for every passionate vaper in the tobacco world.
This time we created a product range of superior quality as per La Tabaccheria standards, that which thus meets the demands of the most demanding vapers, combining the functionality and immediacy of a ready-to-vape liquid with the analogue sensation of the Extra Dry line.

Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced Vaper, the Extra Dry formulation of the Single Line and Barrique Line offers a unique experience. Our attention to detail and careful selection of ingredients ensure that every puff is rich in taste and fully satisfying. We have chosen to offer a single leaf and blend selection in a ready-to-vape liquid version in order to meet the needs of those who want a “quicker” product without the “difficult”’ of having to assemble the flavouring by adding a neutral base.

The proposed lines are still produced in selective purification, will respect the transparency of the solution with a very high coil life, and are suitable for all vaping systems.

Our e-Liquids have been notified in the following countries (Italy, Spain, Croatia and Germany), according to TPD standards.

Watch the presentation video below: