We are pleased to present you our new line of flavoured concentrates. Flapper Juice Ice, the new line by La Tabaccheria that will bring an explosion of taste and refreshment during the most wonderful and warmest months of the year and that is inspired by the three most famous carbonated drinks in the world: cola, lemon-soda and orange-soda. An absolute novelty for our brand and therefore a bet in which we have put all our commitment and know-how so that it can be yet another reference point for this type of product. The creation of the flavours listed above has been formulated by inserting, as for the previous lines Flapper Juice Tobacco and Vittoriani, organic flavours combined with natural-identical flavours, all using our selective purification techniques in order to obtain a product of absolute quality ready to take the stage on every pod and not rebuildable.

After all, our brand is famous for producing organic flavourings, so although we are expanding the stage of our products, we do not want to lose our identity and our origins.

Our concentrates cannot be used in their pure form, they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

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