Our Tobacco Extracts Line is a range of organic aromas (by “organic”, we mean of vegetable origins without any further addition of artificial aromas) of the main tobacco varieties, to be used individually or mixed, in order to recreate the desired blend. Our products are manufactured using advanced technologies and techniques that allow for a very high concentration and an immediate use; therefore no maturation is needed, as the aromatic bouquet is immediately well defined. 

The recommended average dilution falls into a range between 5% and 15%. Please read the “About us” and “Guidelines and Tips” sections of our website.

From the best european distributors, we have selected only unmanufactured tobaccos (before any treatment by the manufacturing firms), thus ensuring a non-artificial, fully natural product.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.