Kentucky USA tobacco extract 10ml

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Kentucky USA is the name we chose for this product, to differentiate it from our Tobacco Extracts Line Kentucky. It is a particular type of tobacco, produced in America, specifically in Tennessee. Just like Kentucky, it belongs to the Fire-Cured class, but unlike our Tobacco Extracts Line Kentucky, this product is characterised by a peculiar and somehow stronger smoking. Nevertheless, its smoky notes are sweeter and more aromatic when compared to a “Classic” Kentucky. Our Kentucky USA Tobacco Extract, belonging to our Elite Line, has a strong and aromatic taste recalling the smell of a good barbecue, therefore it is particularly suitable after a meal with meat dishes. Although it is not devised for everyday vaping, our Kentucky USA tobacco extract is a “Must” for Fire-Cured tobacco lovers looking for a really special and unique taste.


Product description: 

Tobacco extract. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% to flavour inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (E-Cigs), electronic cigars (E-Cigars) and electronic pipes (E-Pipes).


Propylene glycol USP/EP/E1520, Tobacco Extract.


Read the label before use. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute at 5-15% with a neutral base for electronic cigarettes. This product does not require any post-dilution maturation. It may contain inevitable traces of nicotine resulting from the extraction process. Keep out of reach of children. IN CASE OF INGESTION: if you feel unwell, contact a POISONS INFORMATION CENTRE or a doctor. Dispose of the product/container in compliance with the national regulations. Store between 1° C and 40°C away from sunlight. Safety data sheet available upon request. The information and safety data sheets can be found on the website PRODUCTS INTENDED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR END CONSUMERS. TOBACCO PRODUCTS SALES TO MINORS IS PROHIBITED.

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