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La Tabaccheria: the landmark for quality vaping

A complete range for those who approaching vaping as well as for expert and demanding vapers.

A complete journey beginning with our ready-to-vape e-liquids (Single Line & Barrique Line), our longfill flavours Smart Organic, White Extreme 4Pod & Extra Dry 4Pod,
continuing with our line of concentrates Organic 4Pod (this is with regard to entry-level systems and pod-mods),
leading towards the tobacco extracts lines (to be used on advanced systems).

La Tabaccheria: genuine made in Italy tobacco extracts for electronic cigarettes

1) Technically the most concentrated products on the market

2) Best fidelity to the authentic tobacco taste

3) Pioneers of innovation: always the most technologically advanced and revolutionary products on the market

4) Safety: laboratory evidence has confirmed the absence of cytotoxicity for our products

La Tabaccheria: the best choice.

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