Our aim has always been, and still is, to invest on research, to offer a product for most demanding vapers who are looking for The Flavour of Tobacco.

La Tabaccheria di Orlando D’Alessandro was founded in 2015 as a sole proprietorship, after many years of tests and researches on the production of  tobacco extracts for electronic cigarettes, to be used diluted with e-liquids (neutral bases). Our extracts are hand-made and “organic” (by “organic”, we mean of vegetable origin without any further addition of artificial aromas); therefore, they are vegetal aromas, extracted from unmanufactured tobacco leaves, thus not containing any artificial aroma.

In 2023, Orlando D’Alessandro founds D’Alessandro Holding, to which the ownership of all the brands (previously owned by La Tabaccheria di Orlando D’Alessandro) and commercial distribution were transferred, as well as L’Erboristeria Srl, which manages the website, ecommerce and production of all La Tabaccheria lines, Il Biscottificio Roma and any other brands owned by D’Alessandro Holding, present and future.

We have paid particular attention to the following aspects:

  • Regulations
  • Health – hygiene

  • Ingredients selection

  • Labelling
  • Intended use of our extracts

  • Current european rules

We are proud of only offering products meeting these standards:

  • HACCP compliance: a set of rules and procedures, aimed at preventing the risk of food contamination hazards.

  • Choice of ingredients: to produce our extracts we have selected only unmanufactured tobaccos and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol.

  • The intended use of our products is clearly stated on each product’s label and on our safety data sheet SDS (visit the “Sheets and Certificates” section of our website).

  • Each flacon is made of amber glass (to preserve the product quality against any external agent, including sunlight) or HDPE/LDPE and has a childproof cap, both certified and pharmaceutical.