The Smart line is born from our desire to offer the ideal product with a truly smart approach to the world of tobacco. With the term smart we intend to characterise a line of the highest quality with unique characteristics despite the simple approach of the proposed blends. Smooth and really tasty products that can be used all day long without ever tiring, in short, organic tobaccos that are really good for everyone, both for vaping newcomers and for the tobacco lover who is looking for a lively, modern and tasty but non-invasive flavour that can be used consistently all day long, also on Pod Mods.
The formulation of the blends is based on Red Virginia. If this is the best-selling and most popular tobacco, there are good reasons, so why not use it as a basic ingredient alongside another single character tobacco? Red Virginia is indeed a pleasant, full-bodied and never invasive tobacco, we could say the quintessential “Tobacco” representative. A leaf with a remarkable taste performance that combined with other types of tobacco will create wonderful blends that we are sure the market will fall in love with at first taste.
The Smart Line is smooth and therefore ideal for constant use; a modern line, combining the smoothness and body of Red Virginia with a characterising tobacco in a simple but effective way.
Discover the taste of simplicity, 7 blends of the highest quality tobacco, SHOT60 size (20ML concentrate to be diluted in a final 60ML total).

For those looking for a simple and really tasty product to use all day long, the Smart line is the best choice, yet another NO-BRAINER CHOICE.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

Watch the presentation video below: