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ESSENTIAL GUIDELINES (generic and specific for tobacco extracts)2021-05-19T16:45:37+02:00

Advice 1): We suggest to use neutral bases with double-distilled water, as this component makes mixtures more fluid and less sweet. Water lowers the evaporation temperature, hindering encrustations on the coils. In our opinion, the best neutral base composition for MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping is 50PG 40VG 10H2O, or alternative compositions, but still containing water. For cloud/flavour chasing, every possible neutral base is alright, and also in this case, a share of double-distilled water will be beneficial. In case you decide to go for cloud/flavour, it is useful to know that, the higher the share of glycerine (VG) you want to work with, the more concentrated aroma you need to use, as glycerine tends to “blear” aromas: for example, if you use a 5% Latakia dilution when using a 50PG 40VG 10H2O base, to obtain a comparable aromatisation  with a 80VG/20PG neutral base, you should use a 10% Latakia dilution.

You might be asking yourselves, is it possible to vape tobaccos in cloud chasing? Yes indeed, many people love to vape them this way. Some are more, some less suitable for this purpose: for example Latakia, pipe mixtures, Orientals and Bezuki are outstanding, in our opinion, when vaped in flavour/cloud chasing. 

Advice 2): It is fundamental to understand that these products are 4 times as concentrated as the market average, so a 10% aromatisation is not always the best way to go. Following the aromatisation tables is important to correctly use and fully enjoy every concentrated extract or mixture. Please refer to the undermentioned “Dilution” topic for the dilution tables, specific for each one of our products.

Advice 3): It is primary to know that a product of vegetable origins, like an extract or a macerated aroma, is made up of molecules which, evaporating, leave residues on the coil, commonly referred to as “encrustations”. Thus, encrustations do not result from a wrong filtration process (we perform a step-by-step filtration up to 0.45 microns, to remove all bacteria), they are rather due to the product concentration. A macerated product, having a solid-liquid ratio of 1 : 5, is obviously much less concentrated than our extracts, which have a solid-liquid ratio of 1 : 1 (i.e., we use 10 grams of unmanufactured tobacco to obtain 10 millilitres of one of our extracted aromas; whereas, to produce a macerated aroma, usually 2 grams of tobacco are employed to produce 10 millilitres of it). Consequently, if we would use a 10% dilution with a macerated product, when using one of our extracts, a 5% dilution will ensure to obtain at least a comparable taste, or even more intense, unless the macerated aroma contains additives or other concentrated aromas, like natural, nature-identical or artificial flavourings that might enhance its taste.

Therefore, depending on the solid-liquid ratio (indicating the concentration) of a product, the higher dilution percentages you use, the more often you will need to rebuild your coils. Our products are 4 times as concentrated as the industry average, so it is easy to understand that, using the same dilution percentage as with a macerated product, one of our extracts will contain more aromatic molecules, will have a more intense taste, thus potentially leaving more residues on the coils. It is hence easy to realise how much you can save, knowing that if you are used to a 10% dilution with a macerated aroma, when using one of our extracts such as a Latakia, a 3% dilution will lead to the same result. SUMMARISING, WE SUGGEST YOU TO TRY USING LOW DILUTIONS. TRUST US, WE ARE SAYING THIS AGAINST OUR OWN INTERESTS.

Advice 4): both temperature and setup are very important parameters to consider  to fully enjoy a vaping session; this is even more true during the day, when we don’t have time to rebuild our coils. In this case, it can be helpful to use the temperature control (TC) mode, which some of the most recent box mods possess: our advice is to set a reasonably low temperature, as described below. When it is not possible to use temperature control, we suggest not to set your watts too high. A practical example, a way for you to get easily through the day is: 5% dilution of Latakia with a 50PG 40VG 10H2O neutral base, build for a tank atomizer, SS316L, 26ga wire, 7 distanced wraps on a 3mm rod, and using this build with a maximum of 18 watts. This will allow us to use this coil for at least 15ml. Obviously, everyone has their preferred setups and builds, but we want to emphasise that it is indeed important to keep the working temperatures quite low, up until 230°C (446°F), to optimise the lifespan of your coils.

Advice 5): When using a bottom-feeder (BF) setup, with vegetable origins concentrates, like extracted and macerated products, you might notice that the coils tend to last less than in tank atomizers. Ever wondered why? BF systems are outstanding in many ways, but you have to learn to pay your very best attention not to “flood” your coil, as maintaining a constant flux of e-liquid is absolutely fundamental. Conversely, if we oversquonk and flood the whole deck and coil, all of this excessive quantity of e-liquid will be exposed to the high temperatures of the coil and, not completely evaporating, will lead to an increased amount of encrustations. This piece of advice is really primary when using BF systems, in order to avoid to rebuild your coils too often.

Advice 6): Our products do not need any maturation or steeping, they are Shake and Vape! A true revolution in the market of tobacco products for e-cig, which has finally been accepted as an entrenched truth, after two years of arduous information wars. These products are Shake and Vape because of their extraordinary stability, as their aromatic bouquet does not modify at all over time, remaining identical to the day when you first diluted them. Conversely, a macerated product does need a maturation time, as its components, specifically the sugars contained in it, need weeks or even months to stabilise their structure. Our products, at most, might become somewhat “rounder” in taste while amalgamating, but are not going to change in any way. This is the truth, and it is based on technical grounds; someone might have a different opinion, but what we are describing is based on scientific evidence so it is not open to debate.



Our cold extraction technique yields a very high product concentration, higher than the industry average.

The aromatic bouquet of an e-liquid prepared with our tobacco extracts is immediately well defined, as well as ensuring the best fidelity to the authentic taste of that specific tobacco.   

In fact, we invested on research activities as well as on innovative machines with a clear goal: the production of a tobacco extract that was meant to be: 

1) Revolutionary, allowing for the creation of ready-to-use final products without long delays (maturation).

2) Robust, in terms of concentration, but also user-friendly, finding the best balance between concentration and ease of use for our customers.

3) 100% fidelity to the real flavour of that tobacco.

MATURATION (no thanks)2022-04-13T11:03:24+02:00


The maturation process and its final result strongly depend on the production technique; Often “macerated” and “extracted” products are mixed up, whereas some very important differences set them apart.

Macerated tobacco is less processed in terms of production, resulting in a sweeter aroma, less concentrated, which requires a very long maturation to be best appreciated.

Our extract, conversely, is more processed in terms of production phases, leading to a drier aroma, more faithful to the extracted matrix, more concentrated, and it does not need any maturation to be enjoyed to the fullest.

4SIXTY LINE (specification and tips)2023-01-13T15:54:53+01:00


20ml concentrated flavour, in the new 4Sixty size.

These concentrated flavours consist of 20ml of concentrated flavour with the ideal concentration to aromatize a total of 60ml of e-Liquid.

To dilute this product, we suggest to add, to the 20ml of concentrated flavour, 4 flacons (10ml each) of 60VG:40PG neutral base. Hereafter, you can find a few dilution examples to obtain the desired nicotine concentration:

  • Zero nicotine (i.e., without nicotine): 4x zero nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  • 3 mg/ml nicotine: 1x 18 mg/ml nicotine flacon (10ml) + 3x zero nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  • 6 mg/ml nicotine: 2x 18 mg/ml nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 2x zero nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  • 9 mg/ml nicotine: 3x 18 mg/ml nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 1x zero nicotine flacon (10ml)
  • 12 mg/ml nicotine: 4x 18 mg/ml nicotine flacons (10ml each)

For those vapers aiming for a more intense taste, it is also possible to dilute the 20ml of concentrated aroma in a total of 50ml (instead of 60ml as in the previous examples). It is also possible to use 70VG:30PG neutral bases, but still keeping in mind that this product was devised to be vaped in MTL (mouth-to-lung) style.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

VITTORIANI LINE (specifications and tips)2023-01-13T15:32:06+01:00


During the Victorian era, the aristocrats of the time would gather to sip tea accompanied by delicious butter biscuits. From then on, those delicacies became a symbol of quality, elegance and nobility.

With our first product line, the Vittoriani, il Biscottificio Roma wants to evoke the experiences and sensations reminiscent of that glorious era. Sweetness, creaminess and complexity are the perfect adjectives to describe these products. Our shortbread plays the starring role: accompanied by our finest, highly selected raw materials, it will provide a truly memorable experience.

Our concentrated flavours cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

Product description: 

20ml concentrated flavour with the ideal concentration to aromatize a total of 60ml of e-Liquid (if used in MTL) or a total of 50ml (if used in Flavour chasing). Hereafter, you can find a few dilution examples to obtain the desired nicotine concentration, divided in two tables, for MTL and Flavour.

Dilution table for all products, MTL use

20ml concentrated flavour + 4 bases 10ml (70/30 vg/pg) = 60ml (47/53 vg/pg)

Dilution Examples:

  1. Zero Nicotine (i.e., without nicotine): 4x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  2. 3 mg/ml Nicotine: 1x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacon (10ml) + 3x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  3. 6 mg/ml Nicotine: 2x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 2x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  4. 9 mg/ml Nicotine: 3x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 1x Zero Nicotine flacon (10ml)
  5. 12 mg/ml Nicotine: 4x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each)

Dilution table for all products, Flavour use

20ml concentrated flavour + 3 bases 10ml (full vg) = 50ml (60/40 vg/pg)

Dilution Examples:

  1. Zero Nicotine (i.e., without nicotine): 30ml full vg (zero nicotine)
  2. 3 mg/ml Nicotine: 7.5ml full vg (20mg/ml nicotine) + 22.5ml full vg (zero nicotine)
  3. 6 mg/ml Nicotine: 15ml full vg (20mg/ml nicotine) + 15ml full vg (zero nicotine)
  4. 9 mg/ml Nicotine: 22.5ml full vg (20mg/ml nicotine) + 7.5ml full vg (zero nicotine)
  5. 12 mg/ml Nicotine: 3x 20mg/ml full vg Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
ORGANIC 4POD LINE (specification and tips)2023-01-13T16:02:56+01:00


10ml concentrated flavour manufactured via our new technique called “SELECTIVE PURIFICATION”.

Selective purification is a long and laborious process: the time needed to produce this line is about 3 times longer compared to producing a standard tobacco extract.

We have been working on this innovative technology for months, in close contact with our organic and analytical chemists, to produce a tobacco extract “FOR POD MODS AND NON-REBUILDABLE ATOMIZERS”, which could maintain almost every aromatic property of a full tobacco extract. We chose to avoid any microfiltration processes, as those would have cut out so many more flavour notes than a selective purification.

So we chose to only eliminate these aromatic fractions who were found to be responsible for the premature change of taste and encrustations on the coils.

The result we obtained is a flavour line which can be perfectly used with both non-rebuildable atomizers and pod mods, as these products guarantee an amazing coil duration, comparable to a synthetic product, but with the full taste of an organic one.

A few, byt fundamental, guidelines to follow:

Suggested dilution: We suggest a 10% dilution with neutral base for electronic cigarettes. Since we aim to offer extremely simple products, the ideal base composition can be both a simple 50PG/50VG or a 50PG/40VG/10H2O. We remind that these products were developed for MTL, mouth-to-lung, vaping.

Operating temperatures: We emphasize that this line was created for pod mods, which are non-rebuildable systems with very low average wattages. We recommend not to exceed 180-190° Celsius. To give a practical example, using a 0.8 ohm coil, do not go over 18 watts. Lacking a number of substances which act as protection of the aroma during the vaporisation at high temperatures, these flavours are somewhat more delicate in this way, so follow these guidelines to achieve the maximum aromatic quality.

Positive evolution of the aromatic quality: When activating a new coil, allow the time needed to achieve a round, smooth and full flavour perception; there are pods that give the best flavour since the very beginning and others which need a little more time. These products behave oppositely to the average NET organic, as there is a real positive evolution of the aromatic properties: they start out as intense, but gradually achieve the same aromatic quality as full tobacco extract as the consumed milliliters increase. This is exactly the opposite of what happens with the average organic product, which tends to gradually lose aromatic properties as the eliquid consumption increases.


Our extracts must be used to flavour inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (e-cig).

EXTREME 4POD LINE (specifications and tips)2021-05-19T17:04:45+02:00


20ml concentrated flavour, manufactured through taking our “SELECTIVE PURIFICATION” technique to the extreme!

The result? A completely organic and completely transparent tobacco extract!

Let’s start by saying that this line is a unique worldwide innovation!

We state this with a touch of pride, as in the world market there is not yet a product such as a Latakia extract but made completely transparent. After all, neither does exist any other tobacco extract having these features. All of this was made possible by our selective purification technique.

For the time being, this line brings to the market the following products: White Latakia, White Kentucky and White Kentucky USA, namely the fire-cured tobaccos.

This line takes all the features of the 4Sixty format as for the dilution, being 20ml of concentrated flavour to dilute in a total of 60ml.

For more tips about the dilution, we invite you to look at the 4Sixty size section.

The Extreme 4Pod Line was born, as mentioned, taking our selective purification technique to the extreme, so we consider it to be a SPIN-OFF of the mother line, the Organic 4Pod Line. While the Organic 4Pod Line keeps all the characteristics of the specific tobaccos intact, the Extreme 4Pod Line somewhat overturns the balance, creating a tobacco flavour which tends to intensify and emphasize some of the main attributes of that specific tobacco, while positively twisting others, for example a Latakia turns out to be sweetish, soft, incense-flavoured and suitable for everyone.

By taking our selective purification technique to the extreme, we mean to say that the products of this line will be completely transparent once diluted; in fact we completely eliminated further components including pigments.

Wondering what to expect from the Extreme 4Pod Line?

Well, in a nutshell, we can confirm all the characteristics we listed for the Organic 4Pod Line, with the addition of the following specific features.

Each of these products is characterised by the typical perfumes of the authentic tobacco of reference, whereas when vaping them they turn out to be really smooth and velvety, losing every “hard-edged” nuance of taste and becoming the perfect products for those who love the taste of tobacco and are willing to use it with entry-level system (but non only!), going beyond the – already incredible – duration values of the Organic 4Pod line.

We recommend to allow at least 1/2ml of vaping these products for the taste to adjust, after which you will be brought to a world which really has some surreal aspects, progressively building more and more body and flavour while increasing the milliliters of eliquid vaped, with the same positive evolution which is typical of the Organic 4Pod Line.


Our extracts must be used to flavour inhalation liquids (neutral bases) for electronic cigarettes (e-cig).

EXTRA DRY 4POD LINE (specifications and tips)2023-01-13T16:20:25+01:00


It is with great pride that we are able to announce that, thanks to our commitment and investments in research and development, we have achieved a fourth revolution that surprised us more than the previous ones, and that says it all!
Through the use of a much more aggressive variant of our extraction technique, and also through a variant of our selective purification technique, we have created a “White” product, i.e., a completely transparent product, which maintains and recovers three characteristics of our extracts: intensity in the inhalation, product body (greater than the one found in Extreme 4Pod – White) and a much greater persistence on the palate once the vape is exhaled. Thus, the product is characterised by a more analogue and drier taste, hence the name “Extra Dry 4Pod”.
These products are certainly much more aggressive than the Extreme 4Pod – White, having a charge mathematically equal to about three times theirs.
The Extra Dry 4Pod are therefore a parallel point of view, complementary to that of the Extreme 4Pod – White. The latter are therefore more docile, softer, more sweetish, and leave the mouth clean, whereas the Extra Dry are more aggressive, with a drier taste and infinitely greater persistence. So which is the best? It depends on the palate, but this is a new addition to our range of organic tobaccos to satisfy every taste in vaping!

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

DILUTION (specific for tobacco extracts)2021-05-19T17:10:13+02:00


We can provide general instructions, allowing every customer to determine the right dilution based on their personal needs.

The recommended average dilution falls into a range between 5% (for an all-day vaping) and 15% (to get a stronger flavour of the original tobacco).

However, it is necessary to make some preliminary remarks about the “organic” aromas or tobacco extracts (by “organic”, we mean of vegetable origins, without the addition of any artificial aroma); also, a distinction between “ALL DAY” and “TASTING” vaping must be made.

Preliminary remark: “organic” aromas or tobacco extracts are the most faithful products to the original tobacco flavour. In fact, it is impossible for an artificial aroma to be as faithful to the tobacco flavour as the natural, “organic”, ones for a simple reason: not all of the terpenes and the molecules making up the bouquet of a tobacco leaf are available on the market. Therefore, recreating or venturing the artificial reproduction of a molecular combination is an extremely complicated task.

Having said that, it should be noted that the organic tobacco concentrates possess a specific feature: the molecules they are made of (extracted directly from the leaf), evaporating, leave residues on the coil, commonly referred to as “encrustations”. Such residues are responsible for a change in taste, which sooner or later occurs also depending on the dilution, the hardware used and the operating temperature.

Note well that this is not the result of a wrong product filtration or purification as one may think. We perform a step-by-step filtration up to 0.45 microns to remove all bacteria. The encrustations left on the coil are a peculiarity of these products, their hallmark, and a synonym for quality typical of a natural, non-artificial, product. The higher the concentration and quality of these products, the greater the presence of aromatic substances and molecules showing this feature. It would not make sense to further filter, above that specific measure expressed in micron, as we would only obtain a less concentrated product.

Therefore, choosing the right dilution percentage of a concentrated tobacco extract like ours is important and should be made according to the personal needs, finding the right balance between the desired flavour and the coil rebuilding time or replacement of the ready-made coil, according to the atomizer used, rebuildable or not.

All- day vaping: less demanding, there are fewer deposits, making it more suitable for non-rebuildable atomizers.

Tasting vaping: very complex and satisfactory, a meditative and relaxing vaping, closer to the natural matrix used; obviously it entails a more frequent coil replacement. Ideal for rebuildable atomizers.

For a daily vaping, we recommend to dilute our concentrates in lower percentages.

“ALL DAY” Flavouring Table –Tobacco Extracts Line / Barrique Blends / Elite Line / Hell’s Mixtures Concentrates / Special Blend
Starter Point (base dilution)
Virginia 7%, Burley 7%, Oriental 6%, Kentucky 5%, Latakia 3-5%, Perique 5%, Black Cavendish 6%.
American Blend 7%, English Mixture 5%, Balkan Mixture 5%, La Tabaccheria N.1 e N.2 Mixture 6%.
Bezuki 6%, Piloto Cubano 6%, Mata Fina 6%, Maryland 7%, Kentucky USA 5%, Basma 5%.
Baffometto 6%, N.759 Mixture 6%, Special Blend 6%.

“TASTING” Flavouring Table –Tobacco Extracts Line / Barrique Blends / Elite Line / Hell’s Mixtures Concentrates / Special Blend
Starter Point – Max
Virginia 10-15%, Burley 10-15%, Oriental 10-12%, Kentucky 10%, Latakia 8-10%, Perique 10%, Black Cavendish 10-12%.
American Blend 10-15%, English Mixture 10%, Balkan Mixture 10%, La Tabaccheria N.1 e N.2 Mixture 10-12%.
Bezuki 10-12%, Piloto Cubano 10-12%, Mata Fina 10-12%, Maryland 10-15%, Kentucky USA 10%, Basma 10%.
Baffometto 10-12%, N.759 Mixture 10-12%, Special Blend 10-15%.

The recommended base to dilute our extracts is 50pg : 40vg : 10H2O (double-distilled water), the presence of water is important, since it makes the base less sweet, hence making the tobacco flavour drier; the result is a more fluid e-liquid, with a lower evaporation temperature. This limits the caramelisation of sugars and, consequently, the formation of encrustations on the coils.

SPECIAL BLEND LINE (specifications and tips)2021-05-19T17:15:02+02:00

SPECIAL BLEND LINE – Flavored Tobacco Extracts

The Special Blends Line was born in 2016 as ready-to-use e-liquids, to bring our customers closer to flavoured tobaccos vaping, particularly using flavour/cloud chasing devices.

The neutral base we chose to use for that line was a 60% VG (vegetable glycerine) and 40% PG (propylene glycol): although devised to be the perfect hybrid for all vaping styles, this composition was slightly more suitable for flavour/cloud chasing vaping.

Also the aromatisation had been devised for that neutral base composition, which requires an higher percentage of aroma, compared to a 50% VG 50% PG neutral base. In fact, that line’s aromatisation was around 16/17% for final products: we want to specify this, although this piece of information is not very indicative, as any flavouring percentage depends on the  kind, concentration and intensity of the aroma itself.

Rethinking our Special Blends Line as concentrated aromas allowed us to improve the line itself, reformulating each natural aroma as well as every nature-identical aroma we use to compose our blends, making sure to eliminate every substance included in the european TPD blacklist, as well as in the updated blacklists, specific for every european country. We chose to do this, despite those european TPD blacklists would apply to ready-to-use e-liquids exclusively, and not to aromas.

From both an ethical and a commercial point of view, it was a must for us to make this choice, to keep on ensuring the highest possible quality and reliability of our products. In the Sheets and Certificates section, you can find the list of all the substances we chose not to include in our formulation of the Special Blends Line.

When turning our Special Blends Line into concentrated aromas, we made a real restyling, enhancing and balancing all products in an universal way, to make them suitable for all neutral bases compositions and as well as for every vaping device.

The philosophy of this line is the pursuit of an elegant and non-intrusive aromatisation, where the tobacco blends and the aromatic composition of every product can coexist in harmony, in such a way to enhance our extracts with additional creamy or fruity scents, aimed at integrating the tobacco tastes, not drowning them out.

We suggest to follow these guidelines, depending on the desired vaping style:

MTL (mouth-to-lung vaping): we suggest to use either 50%PG 40%VG 10%H2O or 50%PG 50%VG neutral bases, using 10% to 15% aromatisation. In addition, the suggested aromatisation may vary depending on your personal taste as well on the specific kind of product: for example, distinctive and pungent aromas like whisky and honey will tend to stand out more than delicate aromas and blends, such as cookie and vanilla.
Suggested “all day” dilution: 6%.
Suggested “tasting” dilution: 10/15%.

FLAVOR/CLOUD CHASING (direct-lung vaping): when using 50%PG 50%VG neutral bases, the same suggestions we gave regarding mouth-to-lung vaping still apply. If you prefer neutral bases with an higher glycerine content, we suggest to increase the aromatisation percentages, at least 15% when using a 60%VG 40%PG neutral base. Using a 60%VG 40%PG neutral base and adding a 16/17% of aroma, considered as part of the total PG percentage (40%), you can recreate the same aromatic features of the former ready-to-use Special Blends line.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

MACERATED TOBACCO LINE (specifications and tips)2021-05-19T17:17:20+02:00



1) Twice the taste and concentration compared to the market average.

2) Sweeter and creamier than our tobacco extracts.
The same plant matrix, seen “from a very different perspective”. Our goal is to satisfy every palate, regardless of whether looking for a strong and full-bodied tobacco extract or a smooth and sweetish tobacco macerate….La Tabaccheria is there!

3) Excellent from the beginning. Already perfect after just 36 hours of maturation/steeping. And time cannot do anything but improve them!

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.


Nicotine is naturally found in tobacco, therefore some variable quantities of nicotine can be found in the tobacco extracts depending on the type of extraction.

It should be stressed that this amount of nicotine has NOT been intentionally added to our extracts, but it is a variable and an inevitable result of the extraction process itself.

It is really difficult to totally eliminate the nicotine presence, unless factitious chemical processes are used, which, in our opinion, are not suitable for our hand-made and natural products.

It is often said that nicotine does not remain in the extract, while in some cases it shows up in different forms and sometimes a simple HPLC analysis is not enough to detect it.

Regardless of the applicable legal provisions (which do not consider the substance nicotine but the substance tobacco extract, where a variable quantity of nicotine is taken for granted), with the purpose of providing our customers with accurate descriptions and warnings, we expressly wanted to warn those who want to enjoy zero-nicotine vaping against the presence of traces of nicotine in the final product; moreover, our products are equipped with an adequate childproof cap.

In any case, we want to pinpoint that, if we dilute at 15% an extract containing 0.15% of nicotine, the presence of nicotine in the final e-liquid will be at least 6 times lower than 0.15% and equal to approximately 0.025%. This percentage is totally negligible, but it is not zero!

UNMANUFACTURED TOBACCO2021-05-19T17:21:25+02:00

Unmanufactured tobacco is raw tobacco which has not been processed by the manufacturing companies. The latter, in fact, tend to add various additives and flavourings to tobacco and subject it to some processes, such as cutting.

Anyway, unmanufactured tobacco undergoes a “CURING” process, which determines its aromatic properties and class (air-cured Burley, flue-cured Bright Virginia, sun-cured Oriental tobacco and fire-cured Kentucky and Latakia.)

Unmanufactured tobacco has the same characteristics of the manufactured one, however, the latter is often subjected to special manufacturing techniques together with the addition of additives and flavourings, something that we wanted to avoid.

Therefore, manufacturing and cure are two very different processes.

According to the european and italian legislation, unmanufactured or raw tobacco is meant to be sold in leaves or strips (destalked leaves cut into pieces of few centimeters), it is not cut and / or ready to be smoked, therefore it is not subjected to any excise duties due to the monopoly.

ORGANIC TOBACCO2018-05-28T15:32:34+02:00

With reference to our “organic” extracts, it should be pointed out that we are referring to products resulting from the extraction of plant matrices (umanufactured tobacco), without any additional artificial flavour.

This does not mean that we use “organic tobacco” (which is actually cultivated without any fertilizers), since this approach is not feasible for tobacco.


There are many suggestions and types of tobacco to be discovered within the world of cigars; in fact, just like pipe blends, each variety features specific aromas and scents.

In line with our company’s mission, we want to raise our customers’ awareness of the cultivation and cure of tobacco, as well as of the creation of the blends resulting from a mix of the various types.

It is important to be familiar with the main characteristics of a cigar, as well as with the various types of tobacco it is composed of, in order to correctly recreate its blend, although the blends of tobacco extracts do not faithfully follow the composition of the blends intended for traditional smoking. Therefore, if not aiming at recreating a specific blend, once you have become familiar with the characteristics of each tobacco extract, you will be able to create your own mix based on your tastes.

Those cigars whose components all come from the same cultivation area are called “Puros.” Cigars consist of 3 main components: filler, binder, wrapper.

  • Filler or tripa: the filling of a cigar made of a single, folded leaf (in the best cigars) or fine-cut tobacco.
  • Binder or capote: it is the sub-layer of the cigar, i.e. the leaf that contains the filler and shapes the cigar.
  • Wrapper or capa: it is the outermost leaf of the cigar and the most expensive component, since it must be free from any imperfections like holes or cracks, which would prevent the cigar from being used.

Cigar tobaccos generally belong to the dark air-cured class, which means that they are cured with air and fermented. This cure technique enhances the aromatic qualities of the tobacco and helps obtain dark-coloured leaves, typical of cigar tobaccos.

These tobaccos are divided into sun-grown or shade-grown, where the former are grown in the sun and the latter in the shade, as happens with Connecticut Shade; the main difference is that the sun-grown ones feature stronger flavours, while the shade-grown ones are softer and more neutral.

Based on the leaf section, 3 further distinctions can be made to better define the taste of the tobacco:

  • Ligero: the highest leaves of the plant, with greater nicotine content, which give a stronger character to the mixture.
  • Seco: the intermediate leaves of the plant, with greater aromatic qualities.
  • Volado: the lower leaves of the plant, with feebler flavours but extremely important for the creation of the mixture, thanks to their good combustibility properties.

This is very important information to better understand the tobacco names and types with the purpose of creating one’s own blends as happens with one’s preferred cigar blends; however, it is also fundamental to consider that, when vaping, results may be quite different and, to a certain extent, “everything is possible” within one’s tastes.

To produce a good extract, the quality of the selected leaves is crucial: they are further divided according to many other factors which we will not dwell on; anyway, it should be noted that, for our production, we only use top-quality leaves with the highest aromatic content, as can be read in the description above.

Last but not least, as for the aromatic content of a cigar tobacco extract compared to a traditionally smoked cigar, the extraction and vaping result is more pleasant and aromatic, contrary to what one might think.


We want to specify that our extracts do not contain any substance able to damage the atomizers or tanks, therefore they can be comfortably and safely used with the great majority of the materials the atomisers or tanks are made of, not exclusively with those made of steel and pyrex.