SPECIAL BLEND LINE – flavored tobacco extracts

The Special Blends Line was born in 2016 as ready-to-use e-liquids, to bring our customers closer to flavoured tobaccos vaping, particularly using flavour/cloud chasing devices.

The neutral base we chose to use for that line was a 60% VG (vegetable glycerine) and 40% PG (propylene glycol): although devised to be the perfect hybrid for all vaping styles, this composition was slightly more suitable for flavour/cloud chasing vaping.

Also the aromatisation had been devised for that neutral base composition, which requires an higher percentage of aroma, compared to a 50% VG 50% PG neutral base. In fact, that line’s aromatisation was around 16/17% for final products: we want to specify this, although this piece of information is not very indicative, as any flavouring percentage depends on the  kind, concentration and intensity of the aroma itself.

Rethinking our Special Blends Line as concentrated aromas allowed us to improve the line itself, reformulating each natural aroma as well as every nature-identical aroma we use to compose our blends, making sure to eliminate every substance included in the european TPD blacklist, as well as in the updated blacklists, specific for every european country. We chose to do this, despite those european TPD blacklists would apply to ready-to-use e-liquids exclusively, and not to aromas.

From both an ethical and a commercial point of view, it was a must for us to make this choice, to keep on ensuring the highest possible quality and reliability of our products. In the Sheets and Certificates section, you can find the list of all the substances we chose not to include in our formulation of the Special Blends Line.

When turning our Special Blends Line into concentrated aromas, we made a real restyling, enhancing and balancing all products in an universal way, to make them suitable for all neutral bases compositions and as well as for every vaping device.

The philosophy of This Line is the pursuit of an elegant and non-intrusive aromatisation, where the tobacco blends and the aromatic composition of every product can coexist in harmony, in such a way to enhance our extracts with additional creamy or fruity scents, aimed at integrating the tobacco tastes, not drowning them out.

We suggest to follow these guidelines, depending on the desired vaping style:

MTL (mouth-to-lung vaping): we suggest to use either 50%PG 40%VG 10%H2O or 50%PG 50%VG neutral bases, using 10% to 15% aromatisation. In addition, the suggested aromatisation may vary depending on your personal taste as well on the specific kind of product: for example, distinctive and pungent aromas like whisky and honey will tend to stand out more than delicate aromas and blends, such as cookie and vanilla.

FLAVOR/CLOUD CHASING (direct-lung vaping): when using 50%PG 50%VG neutral bases, the same suggestions we gave regarding mouth-to-lung vaping still apply. If you prefer neutral bases with an higher glycerine content, we suggest to increase the aromatisation percentages, at least 15% when using a 60%VG 40%PG neutral base. Using a 60%VG 40%PG neutral base and adding a 16/17% of aroma, considered as part of the total PG percentage (40%), you can recreate the same aromatic features of the former ready-to-use Special Blends line.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

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