The Elite Line is intended for those who love the authentic flavour of tobacco appreciating all the possible varieties that are hard to find in the market.

This line, in fact, stands out among the others for the rarity of the ingredients.

Only refined and elite tobacco Extracts to be savoured in their purity yet, at the same time, complementary to the products from the previous lines, thus creating new possibilities to blend the ideal tobacco flavor for everyone.    

The Elite Line introduces a new blend and mix concept, dedicated to cigar connoisseurs as well. Therefore, in addition to the description of the single products within the line, please read the “Guidelines & Tips” section of our website, where some additional, useful concepts for the creation of additional cigar blends are explained.

Our aim is to allow our customers to appreciate tobacco in all its forms, embracing, over time, all the products able to fulfil this purpose. We believe that this great plant, in its various types and families, still has much more to offer and will amaze you with its finest and most particular aromas, each different and unique in its kind.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form, they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

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