Durmast oak wood is the soul of the new Gran Riserva line, not by chance named Gran Riserva Four Oak.
The diverse seasoning, carbonisation and toasting of durmast oak barrels gives unique olfactory and gustatory features to the products refined in such ways. Therefore, we encounter flavours and analogies to a delicate vanilla, to caramel through light and medium toastings, to reach coffee and chocolate scents through a stronger toasting.
Refinement in durmast is renown to allow distillates and wines to acquire multiple and unparalleled characteristics.
Some peculiarities are shared among the products that undergo such refinement: the smoothness of the product if compared to the same when not refined, the roundness, the depth of the flavour, the fragrance and sensations which make the final product more refined and prestigious, more complex but especially endowed with an edgeless flavour.
The Gran Riserva Four Oak line exactly possesses these features.
Novel tobacco extracts, without flavour edges and free from their typical “aggressiveness”, that acquire roundness and depth thanks to the exquisite durmast oak scents, which enrich and embellish a product which made the history of vaping.


Soon available exclusively on our online shop, the premium Gran Reserva Four Oak box set!

The bundle includes: a carved wooden box set, inlaid with the new circular brand “La Tabaccheria”, the 7 products from the Gran Riserva Four Oak line (Virginia, Burley, Oriental, Kentucky, Latakia, Perique e Black Cavendish), a leather keyring with the new “La Tabaccheria” monogram, 2 bottle protections in synthetic leather inlaid with the two trademarks “La Tabaccheria”.


The Gran Riserva line is a selection of organic flavours (by “organic” we mean of vegetable origins without any further addition of artificial aromas) of the main tobacco varieties, to be used individually or mixed, in order to recreate the desired blend. Our products are manufactured using advanced technologies and techniques that allow for a very high concentration and an immediate use; therefore no maturation is needed, as the aromatic bouquet is immediately well defined.

For the correct dilution of the products in the Gran Riserva range, in 10ml concentrate format or 4Sixty 20ml format, please refer to the single product details.

Our extracts cannot be used in their pure form; they must be used to flavour e-liquids (neutral bases) for e-cig.

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