Flavoured Concentrated Tobacco Extract – La Tabaccheria Deluxe – I Sigari della Toscana – Sigaro Liquirizia 20ml

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Flavoured concentrated tobacco extract belonging to the I Sigari della Toscana line. Mixture of Kentucky tobacco extract flavoured with liquorice. Sweet and smoked taste.

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Product description: 

SHOT60 – 20ml

20ml concentrate, in the new SHOT60 size. These products consist of 20ml of concentrate with the ideal concentration to aromatize a total of 60ml of e-Liquid. To dilute this product, we suggest to add, to the 20ml of concentrate, 4 flacons (10ml each) of 60VG:40PG neutral base. Hereafter, you can find a few dilution examples to obtain the desired nicotine concentration:

  1. Zero Nicotine (i.e., without nicotine): 4x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  2. 3 mg/ml Nicotine: 1x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacon (10ml) + 3x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  3. 6 mg/ml Nicotine: 2x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 2x Zero Nicotine flacons (10ml each)
  4. 9 mg/ml Nicotine: 3x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each) + 1x Zero Nicotine flacon (10ml)
  5. 12 mg/ml Nicotine: 4x 18 mg/ml Nicotine flacons (10ml each)

It is also possible to use 70VG:30PG neutral bases, but still keeping in mind that this product was devised to be vaped in MTL (mouth-to-lung) style.


Propylene Glycol, Tobacco Extract, Other Flavouring.

Instructions for use:

Read the label before use. It is not a food. Do not swallow. Do not use in its pure form. Dilute before usage. This product does not require any post-dilution maturation. Keep out of children’s reach. Use only with personal vaporisers. Dispose of the product/container in compliance with the national regulations. Store between 1° C and 40°C away from sunlight. PRODUCT INTENDED ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY FOR END CONSUMERS.

The product may contain substances harmful to health. For info call the toll-free number 800554088 of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

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